NOTE: We recently updated our licensing model. All modules have been updated and any new license will be generated with the new model. Please, contact us when updating older versions of a module, we will relicense your module free of charge.

Check your module's help file for more information on which versions are affected.

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A-Knowledge is proud to introduce the website, our platform for sharing valuable modules and code snippets for Crestron programmers. We post both licensed modules and modules that are free for you to download, copy, change or use in trainings. Please check our general terms and conditions for more information on our licensing model.

Please contact us in case you have a problem with any portion of the website or encounter problems with a module. We will always do the utmost to support you in any way possible. You can alternatively contact us through our CresMods forum. Read all about it on our support page.

Let us know when we can help you with a certain module to provide the functionality you need or to control a specific third party device.

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